CMEsolutions, LLC is dedicated to education for physicians, pharmacists, and others involved in the health care field. Our mission is to provide high-quality continuing medical education opportunities that promote lifelong learning for practicing physicians, pharmacists and other health care professionals.

We provide accreditation services to national organizations such as Centers for Medicare/Medicaid (CMS), Health Research & Education Trust (HRET), and American Hospital Association (AHA) with the goal of enhancing the quality improvement capacity of hospital front line staff and quality improvement/patient safety professionals.

Content Areas
CME activities sponsored by CMEsolutions are meant to foster the continuing professional development of physicians and other health care professionals. The educational offerings are intended to increase competency, influence behavior, and/or improve patient outcomes. The planning process begins with the identification of at least one educational gap expressed as the difference between current practice and best practice.

Target Audience
Specific audiences recruited for each activity are determined by the topics, learning objectives, and scope of practice for each activity. Physicians and other health care professionals related to the topics of the activity are determined by the Gap Analysis/Needs Assessment process, healthcare professional, and other healthcare professionals who have expressed interest in specific topics.

Types of Activities Provided
CMEsolutions accredits live activities and enduring materials including on line webcasts and other innovative formats for distance CME. Activities sponsored include local, regional, national, and international levels.

Outcomes Measurement/Evaluation
To determine if the identified gap(s) has/have been closed, CMEsolutions carefully evaluates each activity. Outcomes research (understanding the end results of practices and interventions) has become the key to developing better ways to monitor and improve the quality of care. With this goal in mind, the evaluation methodology must match the type of gap that was initially identified.

CMEsolutions refers to Moore's seven outcome levels as the framework in developing assessment tools.


Continuous Improvement

We continually evaluate, learn,and improve our practice of CE to ensure program quality and patient safety. A circular educational planning process is utilized beginning with a review of previous activity evaluations and ending with the review of our overall program. Our CE focus is on improving physician competencies, performance, and patient care.


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